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    help Doughty T58200 Basic Trigger Clamp pol, T58200 Basic Quick Trigger Clamp polished. This clamp is the basis of all the Quick Trigger Clamps. A large Easygrip handle is fitted for ease of use. An extremely useful clamp for hanging valuable luminaries safely and easily. SWL: 250 Kg, Tube Diameters: 38 to 51mm, Width: 50mm, Fixings: M12 Hole, Weight: 0.76 Kg, Lighting / Lighting Accessories heart
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    help Banish those wash day blues with the white AEG L75480WD Washer Dryer, an excellent option for any families laundry needs. Programmes to suit your needs The 8kg washing capacity and 6 kg drying capacity makes the AEG L75480WD Washer Dryer an ideal choice for any household. With 16 wash programmes to choose from, the AEG L-75480 takes into account different needs, fabrics, and levels of dirt to be cleaned. From cotton, synthetics and delicates, to super eco, cotton economy and wool plus, you have plenty of options for all eventualities. For those moments where you have nothing suitable to wear, the ultra quick 60 minute wash to dry programme will give you ready to wear clothes in just an hour. Sensitive technology The AEG L75480 Washer Dryer has Optisense wash technology that senses the wash load and adjusts the time, water and energy needed to result in gentle but effective washing, all this saving you time and money. Dried the way you like it This AEG washer dryers has sensor technology, so you choose what level of dryness you want (iron-dry to extra-dry) and the appliance will sense when the clothes are dried to that level and automatically stop the machine. Quiet and safe The AEG L75480 comes with an inverter motor with brushless technology, so you benefit from quieter operation. The built-in child lock gives you the peace of mind even when small children are around who can't be trusted not to tamper, keeping them and your washer dryer safe from harm. The AEG L75480WD Washer Dryer guarantees perfectly washed and dried clothes every time you use it. heart
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    help This AEG AGS58200F0 Integrated Under Counter Freezer fits seamlessly into your kitchen, with plenty of room for your weekly shop. The 98 litre capacity ensures there’s space for the family’s favourites, while the 4 compartments all with clear fronts so you can always find exactly what you’re after. The A+ energy rating helps to keep costs down and the open door alert will let you know if it’s not closed properly. You can add your own furniture door so that this AEG freezer blends in perfectly with your kitchen, while the reversible door means you can easily slot it into any corner for complete convenience. Useful info: Dimensions: H 81. 5 W 60 D 55 cmNet capacity: 98 litreA+ rated energyAnnual energy consumption: 188 kWhNoise level: 38dB4 compartmentsOpen door alertReversible doorRequires own furniture doorOne year manufacturer’s warrantyAEG AGS58200F0 Integrated Under Counter Freezer AEG Helpline: 0844 381 4879. heart
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    help Power through your laundry with the AEG Series 8 L87680FL Washing Machine in white. More washes in one Fit up to 8 kg of washing into the drum of this powerful washing machine, its front-opening porthole allowing for quick loading and unloading, taking some of the strain out of wash days. The L87680FL also features a very fast spin speed of 1600 rpm that leaves only 43% of residual moisture on your clothes, allowing them to dry faster and be ready for wearing sooner. Gentler clothes cleaning ProTex Plus technology enables this AEG washing machine to be much gentler on your garments - wash even the most delicate fabrics safely and keep your clothing looking newer for longer. An XXL Soft Drum handles clothes with care, and the smart OptiSense system adjusts cycles in line with load weights. This combines with DirectSpray technology which rapidly dissolves detergent, making sure your clothes are evenly washed and efficiently rinsed, preventing any instances of over-washing. A Woolmark Gold certification assures you that the Series 8 L87680FL will care for your woollen items perfectly, no matter how large the load or delicate the garment. Cycle mania It's good news for allergy sufferers, as the anti-allergy programme maintains the temperature above 60°C by constantly re-heating during the cycle, thoroughly cleaning and totally removing various allergens from your clothes. The Series 8 L87680FL Washing Machine also brings you a super eco programme that's made to work specifically with cold wash detergents for outstanding wash results, using 83% less energy than a 40°C easy care wash. Shrinkage in wool items with the wool plus programme, with a cool down period at the end of the cycle to prevent chill-shock during cold rinsing. Prevent tangling and creasing with the easy-iron programme, cutting down the need for ironing. Select the delicate programme to properly handle the mixed fabrics found in delicate clothes, while the cottons programmes include regular cotton and cotton economy cycles. Clean synthetic fabrics with confidence using the synthetics programmes. Have your clothes ready to wear sooner The AEG Series 8 L87680FL Washing Machine offers special steam programmes that let you refresh and smooth lightly soiled items, so outfits are ready for wearing in the quickest time possible. Look fantastic at short notice - even if your favourite outfit is being washed. The steam programmes get rid of creases, wrinkles and odours for fresh clothes - including dry-clean-only articles. Dynamic wash options Employ the stain action option to use stain removing agents in a designated fourth compartment in the detergent drawer. The ultra quick wash setting completely cleans 3 kg of clothes at 30°C in only 20 minutes - great for smaller loads. Use the time saving option to cut cycle time according to garment soiling, or select the pre-wash options for a more thorough performance. The 20-hour delay timer lets you wash a load at the time that suits your schedul heart
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    help C13T58200 Original Epson T5820 Maintenance Kit C13T582000 heart
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    help Enjoy spacious and efficient food storage in the family-friendly AEG S94400CTX0 Fridge Freezer . Convenient compartments This large-sized fridge freezer provides generous storage space and plenty of storage options for your different foods and drinks. The four adjustable shelves make for easy food placing while a full-width bottle rack stores five bottles of your much-loved wine. The three door shelves accommodate your drinks and dairies. An extra large glide-out salad drawer prolongs the freshness of your greens; a divider keeps your fruits and vegetables separated. The freezer is equipped with two transparent freezer drawers for housing your frozen goods. Optimum conditions With expert cooling technology the AEG appliance makes frost build-up a thing of the past. The auto defrost fridge and frost-free freezer ensure your foods are cooled at the right humidity level thank to the Multi-Airflow technology, preventing any frost or ice from building up. Thanks to a Super Cool and Super Freeze function you can swiftly preserve the flavour and nutrients of your recently purchased foods. Once foods are cooled to the optimum temperature the refrigerator automatically returns to the pre-set temperature. Precision cooling The external temperature control allows you to control the way your food is preserved, while the CleanAir control system filters the air to reduce food odours. Keep your foods in the best condition and closely monitor the internal temperature. The AEG S94400CTX0 offers excellent energy efficiency with an A+ rating. The low-energy consuming appliance keeps things economical, reducing cost of energy. Big in size and big in performance, the AEG S94400CTX0 Fridge Freezer keeps foods fresh and full of flavour. PLEASE NOTE: Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area. Reversible door hinges: This refrigerator has a reversible door - please consult with installation experts such as our Knowhow team to carry out door reversal. heart
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    help The white AEG L76485FL Washing Machine helps to keep the family's clothing clean, while offering a superb level of energy efficiency. Large capacity With a large 8 kg capacity, the L76485FL allows you to clean large amounts of clothing in each cycle, making it perfect for busy households. A larger porthole allows you to easily load and empty items from the machine, while a speedy 1400 rpm spin speed means that at the end of the wash only 52% of residual moisture remains - making for faster drying. Cares for your clothes With a range of 16 wash programmes the L76485FL allows you to carefully clean a wide range of clothing types. From synthetic clothing, to duvets and denim, wash with maximum effectiveness. For heavily soiled items, a stain removal system is on hand that monitors the cycle before dispersing the remover at exactly the right moment, ensuring an effective and efficient wash. The L76485L also has special steam programmes which are designed to refresh even the most delicate of articles. Helping to smooth out creases and wrinkles, the steam also removes odours, making it perfect for items that aren't in need of a complete wash. Excellent efficiency Awarded an energy efficiency rating of A+++, you can use the L76485FL safe in the knowledge that your utility bills are being kept down. Make your households laundry days simple with the AEG L76485FL Washing Machine . heart
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    help The AEG L87494EFL Washing Machine is built to deliver a gentle performance that leaves your clothes fresh and looking good for longer. Wonderful washing The large 9 kg wash drum provides enough room to tackle the family's wash load in one cycle. A powerful 1400 rpm spin speed gives a more thorough wash performance and removes excess water at the end of the cycle. Woolmark Gold certification illustrates how much the gloss white appliance treats each item with care. Functions and programmes There's a programme for every load, with 16 handy programmes you can find a suitable setting to get the best wash every time. The Wool Plus programme uses a cool down period at the end of the wash to prevent chill shock and shrinkage. A Delicates function ensures a gentle and caring wash while an Easy Iron mode reduces tangling and creases. Benefit from other programmes such as Extra Silent, Super Eco and Steam Refresh, the latter designed for items that need a refresh and not a full wash. Time and energy saving The AEG appliance has been rated with an energy-efficient A class. The washing machine runs economically to reduce costs without compromising on performance. A delay timer brings extra convenience to your wash by allowing you to set the load to suit your schedule. Operation The front-loading L87494EFL washer is equipped with a large LCD display panel and a dial and button control system. The user-friendly interface makes it nice and easy to select and start a wash. With this Silent System Plus appliance you can complete washing tasks without excessive noise. The AEG machine is designed with innovative noise-reduction technology that uses insulation and an inverter motor to deliver a remarkably quiet operation. A five-year manufacturer's warranty gives you confidence that this is a washing machine built to last in your home. Efficient, reliable and fully functional, the AEG L87494EFL Washing Machine is engineered to take on all wash loads, with perfect results. heart
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    help Sleek and stylish, the premium AEG S74000KMX0 Tall Fridge provides superb cooling for your family's fresh food. Professional cooling The stainless steel S74000-KMX0 Tall Fridge boasts the effective ProFresh system, which maintains the humidity level within the appliance. There are two separate circuits which cool the fridge and freezer section separately, helping to maintain the moisture of your fresh food. This means that your fresh food can stay at optimum quality for longer, helping to keep your food fresh and avoid waste. There are five safety glass shelves which can be adjusted to suit your storage needs. Two salad crispers store your fresh fruit and vegetables, and you can store your wine in the wine rack. The door balconies are perfect for storing jars and bottles, while the dairy compartment provides perfect conditions for dairy goods. Keeping fresh The S-74000KMX0 has a CleanAir Control filter. This helps to absorb bad odours within the fridge, which not only improves freshness, but also provides a pleasant fresh smell when you open the door. Keep in control The clever S-74000-KMX0 has a handy LCD display to give you an easy way to control and check up on your fridge. Adjust the temperature and features using the intuitive touch controls, and check information on the clear display. Packing some superb technology, a design that oozes style and an A+ energy efficiency rating, the AEG S74000KMX0 Tall Fridge is perfectly designed to fit into your kitchen and your life. PLEASE NOTE: Use in outbuildings: This refrigerator is not designed to be used in an outbuilding - both your food and the appliance can be damaged. Do not use it in any unheated area. Reversible door hinges: This refrigerator has a reversible door - please consult with installation experts such as our Knowhow team to carry out door reversal. heart
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    help The heavy-duty AEG L98699FL Washing Machine , with its white and stainless steel finish, offers style and truly impressive laundry care capabilities. Able to wash a remarkable 9 kg of clothes per load, with A+++ energy efficiency, and with a top spin speed of 1600 rpm, this machine is strictly for those who refuse to compromise! The AEG L98699FL Washing Machine boasts a wide range of attractive features, including a large digital display, delay timer, and an incredible 26 programmes. Perhaps even more importantly, the machine is engineered from top to bottom with ease of use, low noise, and high durability as key features. The noise-reduction measures have resulted in an astonishingly quiet 47 dB(A) of noise during the wash - a very low figure for a machine of half the capacity! Investing in the AEG L98699FL Washing Machine will reward you with years of first-class laundry care! heart
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    help The AEG Precision A6100A Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner features multi-cyclonic technology, HEPA filtration and an auto cleaning brushbar, great for allergy sufferers and those with children and pets. Extremely powerful Perfect for use all around the home, the AEG Precision A6100A houses a 1300 W motor, delivering a powerful 276 air watts of suction which can be varied to suit the surface type. The AEG Precision also features bagless multi-cyclonic technology, so you can enjoy the benefit of long lasting filtration without the need for vacuum bags. The washable, lifetime HEPA filter captures the finest dust particles and the spacious 2-litre capacity container is really easy to empty and clean. Intuitive features The AEG Precision A6100A has a multitude of tools including a telescopic tube, a dusting brush, and a 3-in-1 versatool, helping you to tackle all those tricky areas with ease. With Brushroll Clean Technology you'll never have to deal with a clogged up brush again. Simply press the Brushroll Clean button and any hair or fibre will be effortlessly removed from the brushroll before being sent to the vacuum's container for easy disposal. With a lengthy 10-metre cable you can clean more of your home in one go and using the long hose you can achieve an extended reach. Complete with a two-year guarantee, the AEG Precision A6100A Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for all kinds of family homes. heart
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    help Save time and effort with the smart white AEG L77685WD Washer Dryer . With an 8 kg wash load you'll be able to wash the whole family's clothes with ease. Superb performance This condenser washer dryer offers 16 programmes to get your clothes fresh and clean, including a Quick Wash will deal with 3 kg of clothes in as little as 20 minutes, ideal when you're in a rush. There are also specialised programmes that cater for cotton, wool and delicate fabrics. If the kids have messed up their clothes before a big day out, you can have them washed and dry in no time thanks to the Quick Wash Dry programme. It takes just under an hour to wash and dry garments, so the L-77685WD is there to save the day. It's easy to control using the dials and LCD display. Excellent energy efficiency You won't have to spare a thought for your energy bills when you use the L77685-WD thanks to the A energy efficiency rating, making this washer dryer great news for the environment as well as your bills. Take total care of your clothes while you do your laundry with the AEG L77685WD Washer Dryer , which comes with a 2-year manufacturer's guarantee. heart
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    help This fantastic integrated AEG SKS58200FO under counter fridge comes with a manufacturers warranty (2 years). The fridge has a gross capacity of 140 litres (98 net). Dimensions: 820 x 600 x 550mm. heart

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