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    help ceramic disc valve pegler atriflow tapmate armitage avillion hudson reed caple 1 2 x 20 teeth x 53 mm variations available 1 2 x 20 teeth x 53 mm single clockwise 1 2 x 20 teeth x 53 mm pair 1 2 x 20 teeth x 53 mm we now sell half turn valves visit tapmagician co uk to view full range we are a uk supplier and are available for technical support and advice please contact us for fast and friendly advice emails are always responded to with priority and replied to rapidly bsp 1 2 basin size x 53 mm heart
  • £  9.99 P & P: £  3.50
    at Absolute Music
    help Guitar On Tap! has been specially designed to put information at your fingertips for the fastest reference. Looking for a fancy chord? Want to play with an alternative tuning? Fancy learning a cool new riff? Like to brush up your scales? It's all in this book, organised to put all the most common information guitar players need in just one book. It's clear, it's straightforward and it just may be the best guitar reference book you'll ever own. heart
  • £  94.28 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help Airturn Tap, wireless Bluetooth Controller for Drummer and Percussion Player, easy-to-use page turning, for sheet music or any other digital documents, for control teleprompter apps, remote control for iTunes on all iOS devices including iTunes for Mac and PC, control iOS cameras for remote video and picture snapshots, works with different iPad and Android apps and Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Keynote for PC and Mac Bluetooth equipped computers, contains 2x piezo interface, Controller and Mounting-Kit heart
  • £  3.19 P & P: see site
    at Groupon UK
    help Limescale can be tackled on taps and showerheads with this specially formulated cleaner ready to leave bathrooms sparkling heart
  • £  59.00 P & P: £  3.50
    at Absolute Music
    help The Strymon Tap Favorite allows you to store a favourite setting or act as a Tap Tempo pedal to a range of Strymon pedals. Want to store a preset of your favourite settings on your Brigadier, El Capistan, Lex, or Flint? Or remotely tap tempos for your TimeLine, Mobius or Flint? Add the tiny Tap Favorite switch and connect to your Strymon pedal with the included 1/4 inch TRS cable. With the Favorite mode enabled, saving and recalling your Favorite preset is a snap. heart
  • £  3.83 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help K&M Mini TV Tap 24512, mini TV tap, Alu blank, ø 16mm x 46mm, lenght: 24 mm, M10 x 17 mm heart
  • £  10.22 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help Hot Licks Stu Hamm Slap Pop & Tap DVD - Stuart Hamm is one of the world's greatest bass guitar talents, and this DVD covers an incredibly wide array of styles and techniques. You'll get into left-hand stretching exercises, major and minor arpeggios, playing chords, slapping & popping, funk, hammer-on slaps, triplets, right-hand flamenco strums, two-handed polyphonic tapping, contrapuntal playing, percussive tapping, playing a melody with the right hand while the left hand plays a bass pattern, classical techniques and styles and Bach's Prelude in C. Stuart Hamm is one of America's most respected and sought-after modern bass player/teachers and gives clinics all over the world. He has toured and recorded with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani, and his solo albums have brought widespread critical acclaim. English language. heart
  • £  129.14 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help Visual Sound V3 Single Tap Delay effectpedal, delay, tap tempo footswitch, 1000ms delay time, manuel or tap-modus, modulation for chors over delay, control for delay,repeats,effect level, tone and tap, internal switch, external tap- or click input heart
  • £  175.10 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help Tech 21 Boost D.L.A. Tap Tempo, High End Delay Pedal, Tap switch, Bypass switch control for Mix, Feedback,Tone,Time,Level und Flutter heart
  • £  190.94 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help Visual Sound V3 Dual Tap Delay, 2 delays in one pedal, that can be used independent or together, maximum delaytime 1000ms, tap-tempo footswitch to control delay speed, one channel with modulation for a chorus effect at the delay, manual or tap-mode for each channel, controls for delay time (at manual mode), repeats, effect level, internal switch for switching output 2 (wet oder dry), internal switch to fade out the delays or do cut by switching off, external tap- or click input, output 1 and 2, metall enclosure, dimensions: 231 x 130 mm, power supply optional (# 108096) heart
  • £  54.67 P & P: see site
    at Thomann
    help Strymon Tap Favorite Footswitch, works with Brigadier and El Capistan, allows recall of full set of saved parameters, recalled parameter set can be toggled with active settings, incl. 60 cm cable (1/4"), switch between Favorite mode and Tap Tempo mode via an internal jumper, no power supply or batterie is neede heart
  • £  128.00 P & P: £  0.00
    at Absolute Music
    help The Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy is a flexible delay unti with modulation and a tap tempo function. The Memory Box Deluxe uses quality IC's to deliver warm and organic analogue tones while 'tap tempo' allows you to always be in sync with the groove. Choose five note divisions for metronomic variances. Sweet modulations can be set while the expression pedal input gives you external control. heart
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    at tap-magician
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    at Beatsons
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    at Beatsons

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