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    help Description Pollinosan Luffa Nasal spray is a medical device which can be used for Hayfever, allergies and allergic rhinitis. It works by rinsing and clearing the nose of pollen, dust and other allergen particles, restoring the fluid and moisture in the nose making it feel more confortable. Ingredient List Isotonic solution containing purified water and extracts of Luffa operculata (Luffa), Ammi visnaga (Toothpick Weed), Aralia racemosa (American Spikenard), Cardiospermum halicacabum (Heartseed), Okoubaka aubrevillei (Okoubaka), Larrea mexicana (Chapparal), Galphimia glauca (Golden Thryallis). Also contains disodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate (buffers), ethanol. Organically grown. Product Use Adults and children (6 years and over) Spray once or twice into each nostril 2-5 times per day It may be necessary to prime the pump by depressing the spray mechanism once or twice until a fine spray appears Holding the bottle upright, remove the plastic cap and insert the nozzle into the nostril Depress the pump by placing your fingers on either side of the nozzle This product contains no preservatives The special dispenser ensures that there is no backflow of product into the reservoir Cautions Please seek medical advice if pregnant. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Lot number and expiry date: see top of box. Store in a cool dry place. Need more Information?If you need more information about this product just ask Dr. Lifestyle for some personalised advice. heart
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    help weleda rhinodoron nasal spray with aloe vera 20 ml most natural nasal spraymoisturises and clears nasal passagessuitable for cold and hayfever symptonscontains moisturising aloe verahelps break down crusty layers which form inside the nasal passages got the snuffles rhinodoron is a natural nasal spray that comes as a neat little medical advice to help clear a blocked stuffy nose when you have a cold or are suffering from an allergy such as hayfever rhinodoron helps break down and clear the crust heart
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    help The UK's number 1 allergy nasal spray For sufferers of hayfever, pet and dust mite allergies Clinically proven relief from blocked, itchy, runny nose and sneezing Contains beclometasone diproprionate 0.05% Non-drowsy heart
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    help check out my other items allergicum med nasal spray 30 ml respiratory allergies hayfever useful in case of respiratory allergies and hayfever creates a protective barrier that limits the contact of the nasal mucosa with external agents pollens dust mites and animal dander etc often cause nasal congestion heart

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