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  • £  15.99 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help Our premium-grade Green Lipped Mussel extract is packed with glycoproteins, omega 3's and amino acids, which are essential for the growth and repair of joint tissues. heart
  • £  15.10 P & P: £  2.95
    at BIOVEA
    help Immune System Support heart
  • £  28.53 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help Good 'N Natural C (500mg) & E (400IU) is a supplement that provides antioxidants and promotes immune system health. Research has shown that vitamins C and E, which contain antioxidants, may reduce the risk of developing some types of cancer. This evidence is not conclusive, according to the FDA. heart
  • £  21.35 P & P: £  2.95
    at BIOVEA
    help Nature's Greatest Cleanser heart
  • £  14.89 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help L-Arginine 500mg is a highly acclaimed amino acid specifically designed to support a man's modern, active lifestyle. Recently voted one of our ‘Best Value Supplements’. heart
  • £  17.20 P & P: £  2.95
    at BIOVEA
    help A digestive and weight management aid and helps contribute to overall well-being heart
  • £  32.67 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help Good ‘N Natural Alfalfa (500mg) - 250 tabs is a “green food'' supplement that provides saponins, which are beneficial phytonutrients that promote nutritional health and are especially helpful for menopausal women. Alfalfa has become increasingly popular as a women’s health supplement. heart
  • £  15.51 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help Naturals Factors C 500 mg Mixed Berries is a special vitamin C supplement that comes in chewable Blueberry, Raspberry and Boysenberry flavored wafers. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin and antioxidant that helps our body fight against environmental contaminants and free radicals while providing us with the adequate nutrition that we need. heart
  • £  9.99 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help Enjoy all the benefits of Garlic without the taste! These High Strength odour-free capsules are the perfect choice to maintain a healthy heart and immune system. heart
  • £  15.15 P & P: £  5.00
    at EuroVital
    help Kava Kava: Mood Support heart
  • £  16.89 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help Popular joint and skin formula. Our pharmaceutical-grade combination of Glucosamine and Collagen works to maintain healthy joints and skin. heart
  • £  19.89 P & P: £  0.00
    help deluxe nutrition 500 mg zma deluxe formula capsules pack of 240 product description increased muscle mass increased strength increased libido deeper and longer sleep manufactured in the uk by a iso 9001 registered company product description zma deluxe formula is a powerful strength and growth enhancer these triple action capsules increase insulin which stimulates growth of muscles they provide zinc magnesium and vitamin b 6 zma has been shown to improve sleep patterns if taken 30 60 minutes bef heart
  • £  6.95 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help From less than 2p per day, these small easy-to-swallow tablets provide your basic Glucosamine needs at unbeatable value for money. heart
  • £  8.99 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help Essential for healthy growth and development. These small capsules offer a convenient way of topping up your children's daily Omega 3 intake. heart
  • £  25.99 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help Fights Inflammation and Allergies From Sneezing to Cell Damage Quercetin is a dietary flavonoid with a variety of health benefits. It prevents oxidants from attacking nearby molecules. It alleviates allergies by stabilizing the membranes of certain immune cells to prevent them from releasing histamines. It also blocks enzymes that are responsible for producing inflammatory molecules that sensitize the body’s pain receptors. Heart Health and Diabetes Quercetin is a beneficial factor in cardiovascular health. It has been shown to lower mortality rates and incidences of heart attack, possibly by decreasing the formation of plaque building substances like LDL cholesterol. It is also able to inhibit a main enzyme in the pathway that leads to complications associated with diabetes, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and neuropathy. AOR’s Quercetin is derived from citrus-free sources and is formulated to take advantage of the health benefits offered by this flavonoid powerhouse. An Antioxidant Flavonoid Free radicals are byproducts of metabolism that disrupt the integrity of other molecules by stripping their electrons. Antioxidants are molecules that prevent free radicals from attacking nearby molecules, such as mitochondria, membranes, and DNA. There are many classes of dietary antioxidants, and flavonoids are one of them. Common sources of flavonoids are vegetables, fruits, and beverages such as wine and teas. Of the many flavonoid powerhouses, Quercetin is a major player. As the most widely consumed flavonoid in the diet, quercetin is an important factor for human health. It has been widely used by Russians and Europeans to treat a variety of ailments. Mechanism of Action Pain and Inflammation Quercetin decreases the production of the inflammatory mediators by inhibiting key enzymes called cyclooxygenases and lipoxygenase. These enzymes form proinflammatory eicosanoids, which are cellular signals that stimulate inflammatory reactions. The mechanism is similar to that of aspirin and indomethacin. Mediators such as histamine, bradykinin and PGE2 all potentiate pain through sensitization of afferent nerve endings (the nerves that transmit impulses to the CNS and brain). Basically, these inflammatory mediators cause the body's pain receptors to become more sensitive. Quercetin, however, prevents the formation of those inflammatory mediators, thereby blocking the pain and other symptoms associated with inflammation. Allergies Quercetin counters allergic reactions by inhibiting enzymes responsible for the production of inflammatory mediators. Also, Quercetin inhibits histamine release by stabilizing basophils and mast cells. Histamine is a signaling molecule that is responsible for many of the symptoms of allergies. Quercetin is widely used by those who suffer from constant allergies (such as dust) and seasonal allergies (such as hay fever). Cardiovascular Health A longitudinal investigation of risk factors for chronic diseases in elderly men revealed that high intakes of quercetin and other flavonoids predicted lower mortality rates and incidences of heart attack (myocardial infarction). Researchers in the Netherlands believe that it is possible that quercetin and other flavonoids reduce risk of heart disease by lowering the formation of plaque-building substances, specifically oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL). Diabetic Complications Many of the complications associated with diabetes, such as glaucoma, cataracts, and neuropathy, are caused by the sorbitol pathway, a process through which high levels of glucose are converted to sorbitol and fructose via the enzyme aldose reductase. In experimental animals, inhibitors of aldose reductase reduced the kidney and neurological symptoms that increase with diabetes. Quercetin is an established aldose reductase inhibitor, giving it potential for helping with diabetic complications. • Counters allergic reactions • Suppresses inflammation • P heart
  • £  19.99 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help Arginine and Ornithine combines two essential amino acids into one optimal supplement. Arginine is necessary for urea metabolism, a process that prepares toxic ammonia for safe excretion by the kidneys. Ornithine is synthesized from Arginine and is a precursor of cityruline, proline and glutamic acid. Both of these amino acids are popular with athletes and other active individuals. Benefits and Uses • enhances liver function • protects liver • detoxifies harmful substances in body • treats hepatic coma states • helps release growth hormone • metabolises excess body fat • immune stimulant • aids immune response to bacteria, viruses heart
  • £  13.99 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help Combining the clinically-proven Glucosamine Sulphate 2KCl and high-quality Marine Chondroitin Sulphate, this is one of our most popular joint combination supplements. heart
  • £  17.97 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help Source Naturals Serrapeptase (500mg) - 120 vcaps provides an enzyme that naturally relieves minor pain and inflammation, promotes heart health, and supports the body’s natural drainage and repair functions. This supplement breaks down extraneous fibrin, mucous, and other compounds that build up when the body’s natural repair functions are working. It can provide relief from pain due to overexertion. heart
  • £  7.99 P & P: £  2.49
    help swanson premium hesperidin 500 mg 60 capsules profile item description swanson premium hesperidin 500 mg 60 capsules payment details we only accept paypal as a payment method this will allow us to process your order in a timely fashion payment is expected within 5 days of auction close if a problem arises and you are unable to pay within that time frame please contact us for payment arrangements if payment has not been received the item will be re listed selling fees reclaimed and appropriate fe heart
  • £  9.95 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help For less than 3p per day, this popular joint supplement can offer your pet daily support at the lowest price in the UK, guaranteed. heart
  • £  23.51 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help The top selling Now L-Carnitine Fitness Support (500mg) Capsules are typically used as a supplement for a healthy heart. L-Carnitine is a popular supplement that is beneficial for a healthy brain, liver functioning and the heart. This versatile nutrient is both body energizing and beneficial to your health without the effects of stimulants. In order for fatty acids to be utilized by the body as energy, they have to be broken down from body fat. The primary benefit of Carnitine is the role it plays as a fat burner that burns the fatty acids necessary for energy. Although red meat is the primary source of carnitine, which is responsible for 2/3 of the fatty acids your heart muscle depends on, those who are heart healthy do not eat a great deal of red meats. L-Carnitine Fitness Support supplements provide you with the essential nutrients necessary for a healthy heart. heart
  • £  23.19 P & P: £  1.99
    at AstroNutrition
    help COUNTRY LIFE L-Lysine (500 mg) is a supplement containing the essential amino acid, Lysine, which makes a significant contribution to the development of body tissue and to the production of collagen. It contains added B-6 to help the body with the assimilation of amino acids. heart
  • £  9.76 P & P: £  0.00
    at Simply Supplements
    help This is our most popular joint combination formula, and is the easiest way to take your daily dose of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, at unbeatable value for money. heart
  • £  17.00 P & P: £  4.50
    at Amazon Marketplace
    help 500 Mg Treatment Haemorrhoids 30 Tabs 1box heart
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