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    help home ebay store design by visualsoft home about us our feedback contact us shop categories shop home plumbing heating flood defence workwear tools sealants adhesives building chemicals wheelbarrows manhole covers aco channel fixings ventilation hardware security timber treatment meter boxes roofing products personnel protection equipment buckets tubs tapes other straight kitchen composter bin with handle 5 l green compost caddy the kitchen composter bin is a great way to reduce your carbon footp heart
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    help Ideal for your allotment, vegetable patch or garden area, the Rowlinson Budget Composter is an ideal receptacle for all your garden rubbish that is suitable for composting. The Budget composter is quick and easy to assemble and is pressure treated against rot and is supplied in a natural timber finish. 1 access point. Made from wood. Size H60, W100, D100cm. Weight 21.6kg. EAN: 5013856994732. heart
  • £  89.99 P & P: £  3.95
    help A twin chambered composter allows for batch composting with the tumbling motion to speed up the process of composting. A new batch can be started while the first batch is still curing. The first batch can be ready in as little as two weeks. Flat packed, dual chamber tumbling composter. Robust plastic body with a rust resistant frame. Size H93, W63, D65cm. Weight 10.9kg. EAN: 5014143000013. heart
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    help This practical Grange Fencing Large Garden Composter has been pressure treated green and can hold up to 700L. This composter is pressure treated green. Made from wood. Size H70, W113, D113cm. EAN: 5019063530480. heart
  • £  109.99 P & P: £  0.00
    help The beehive composter has a lifting lid with lid stay, it also features a removable bottom panel and is pressure treated against rot. Supplied in a natural timber finish. Easy home assembly. Made from wood. Size H80, W74, D74cm. Weight 24kg. EAN: 5013856010203. heart
  • £  34.99 P & P: £  0.00
    help Spare tray pack (2 pcs) compatible with both Worm Factory 360 Worm composter and Worm Factory Standard Worm composter. Made from plastic. Size H22, W41, D41cm. Weight 1.5kg. EAN: 5060139282185. heart
  • £  64.99 P & P: £  0.00
    help Recycle your kitchen and household waste and create the highest-quality compost available. This stackable, efficient 2 tray worm composting system is fun and easy to use. Simply add the worms and your organic waste to the bottom working tray. The worms will start processing the food. Once the bottom tray is filled, add another tray. The worms migrate upward to the newest food source leaving the bottom tray full of nutrient rich compost. Includes bottom sump tray with tap for easy draining of worm tea. Made from plastic. Size H28, W41, D41cm. Weight 3.5kg. EAN: 5060139282178. heart
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    help The patented Worm Factory 360 is easy to set up and use. Simply add a handful of worms (not supplied) and your organic waste to the bottom tray of the worm bin. The worms will start processing the food. Once the bottom tray is filled add another tray. This is a 4 tray system. The worms migrate upward through a lattice of holes in the bottom of each tray to the newest food source leaving the bottom tray full of nutrient-rich compost and the bottom collection tray or sump with worm tea (liquid fertiliser). The collection sump has a tap for easy draining. Made from plastic. Size H70, W40, D40cm. Weight 3.5kg. EAN: 5060139282161. heart
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    at Lakeland
    help Although designed with the ‘leftovers’ from jam making or preserving in mind, this smart stainless steel bin will be just as useful for all manner of compostable waste in the kitchen,... heart
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    at Amazon Marketplace
    help World first: No-turn composting method thanks to the patented sliding supports, a simple but effective static element inside the composter, the heap is supported with the majority of its weight by them, and thus no longer rests entirely on the ground, but partly by 25cm above. The turning of the pile is heart

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