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  • mr.v.p.steel
    By vernon steel
    Mar 2014
    I have owned a pair of classic looking black mens shoes for a few years now, and they are used only for formal occasions. Called  campus  they were a pleasure to wear. Today I attended a funeral. I wore these shoes and to my horror  could see that a large part of the toe sole had broken off. Examining the shoes I  could see that both had pieces missing, and the soles on both shoes had split across the middles. Good job I had another pair of shoes with me. These were old but looked great and this sudden deterioration is not a good .
    Pros: great shoe
    Cons: limited life

Additional User Reviews

  • Beware Of Buying WileyX Products
    By Matt
    Oct 2011
    While they are good products they have no idea how to deal with customers.  I have a pair  of WileyX Sabre glasses and when I called the  company to purchase new lenses (3 mo. old glassses) I was told sorry we don't sell them anymore so you are out of luck.  According to Lois in customer service I should call all the dealers looking for old stock.  So Out of Luck on $125.00 glassses.  Will never buy WileyX anything again.
    Pros: Decent Glasses
    Cons: Poor Support and sevice
  • mrs susan brady
    By susan brady
    Jan 2012
    i got a hamilton & mc bride quilt cover set 12 years ago and it was the best cover i ever had the colour is as crisp as the day it was bought .It had a beautiul floral pattern and was frilled round the edge and i would give the world for one of the covers again but where would i buy old stock
    Pros: ---
    Cons: ---
  • Mrs,
    By Patricia
    Mar 2013
    I have used Del Gosso sauce for as long as it s been on the market.  My 5 grown kids think I make sauce from scratch (kidding) and when my daughter comes home from Atlanta she takes jars of DG with her.  She can t find it in Georgia.  I do doctor it a bit.  I buy bones for some flavor, sometimes tomato paste, sometimes tomato sauce and sometimes a carrot (an old Italian friend told me this secret) to sweeten it a bit.  Always stock up big when it s on sale.  Thanks DelGrosso!!!!
    Pros: The Best
    Cons: NONE
  • Good Product why would it be discontinued?
    By Robert
    May 2012
    I have used this product for a few years now and found it to work quite well.  When I found out it was discontinued, I was very disappointed as it made washing a car easy.  Now in order to buy any remaining stock of this product, it is costing three to four times what the originak sold for.  I guess the theory of supply and demand is at work here.  At those prices I am one consumer who will wash his car the old conventional way or even take it to a car wash, it still would be cheaper than paying those highly inflated prices...  Sorry to see you go Mr. Clean  :(
    Pros: Good product, easy to use, great results.

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