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  • Mr.
    By Wesley G. Ball
    Jan 2015
    I was served at your Bathgate shop on the 20th January to buy some goods of value and found an exemplary service. This was from your manager Karen and especially Reece ion Customer Service.
    I really must say they are a credit to your organisation and deserve the highest praise.
    My wife and I thank them both and indeed put a smile on our faces when leaving due to the treatment we received.
    Pros: excellent
    Cons: none

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  • My Hisory Wth Beautiful Crissy
    By John Maddux
    Feb 2012
    Back in 1968, my cousin Terri had received a Beautiful Crissy doll from her father whom at the time worked as a security guard for the Ideal Co. In Newark New Jersey.  My 
    Sister saw it and wanted one, but the doll my cousin had received was one of the first prototypes, thus,Ideal could not sell them yet, so Ideal gave the first ones to their employees.  To make a long story short, my sister Juli Ann had to wait until 1971 to receive her gro-hair doll, Posin  Cricket.  About1 13 years ago, I took my mother to the local
    doll show, and that s where I was re-introduced to Beautiful Crissy, when I found a much loved Crissy at the doll show.  I asked my mother, Mom, didn t Juli used to have one of these dolls when she was the girls  age.  My mother picked it up and looked at it and said,  I vaguely remember buying it.  So I paid for Crissy home and cleaned her up and then gave her to my older neice Aubery for her birthday.  That s when my younger neice Brittany asked,   Uncle Johnny, where s  my dolly with the growing ponytail?
    My sister looked at me and said, yeah, remember, they used to make them blond too.   I had to wait until the next doll show, and I found    with the entire Crissy family there.  So I made a deal with them and purchased the entire lot.  Since then, I have been collecting them.
    thanks, John Maddux, Aka:  Mr. Crissy.
    Pros: ---
    Cons: ---
  • Love this scent!
    By Ann R
    Jan 2012
    This is the best scent ever, and yet, it is never available!  Why does Slatkin only put out so many?  This is such a huge seller, they should be over stocking the stores instead of only sending a limited supply!!!
    Pros: The best scent ever
    Cons: Never available!!!!
  • 10220594 01
    By Anna
    Mar 2012
    The range of craft supplies is exciting. I always feel like a child in a toy shop when I come in. I come in the shop with a list to follow but always end up with more than I budgeted for. I can never say Im bored with so much crafting to explore
    Pros: good range of supplies
    Cons: some children craft supplies are quite expensive
  • retired vending machine co-owner, now housewife
    By Sharon White
    Oct 2012
    They work great on all roaches, insects,spiders. Anything that crawls in gets stuck and dies and they are safe and not messy nor dangerous. Thank you. Problem is Walmart  and others in Orangeburg, SC stopped carrying them.
    Pros: all pros
    Cons: no cons

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